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Gothenburg is now even more fun. Invite your friends to a different type of game night or bring your colleagues before heading out to eat. We guarantee one hour of action and pure fun. 


Teamtastic Gothenburg

Imagine entering a video game with 9 missions. 

In each mission you and your team will work together to solve the mission in the best way possible. The dreamteam has 3-6 members. You have 5 minutes in each mission, so a quick mind and an effective strategy is required. You will reach a level between 1-10 depending on how you take on the mission. 


After finishing all 9 missions the team will recieve a final team score. This score is unique for your team, which makes it possible to come back the week after and try your luck with new friends or colleagues.

Game´s on!

9 unique missions

Teamtastic consists of 9 interactive missions where you and your team will face different challenges.  

5 min per mission

You have 5 minutes in each game, and a short break before entering the folllowing.  All teams will rotate and complete all 9 games.

Maximize your team factor

Each mission has 10 levels and your final team factor will depend on the performance in each room.


   The 9 Missions 


Awesome time solving missions together!

We were a team of 14. Good mix of physical and mental stimulating missions. Well thought out. Enjoyed by all.

- Terentia B

Great team activity!
We were a team of 7 colleagues, had a great time! Friendly staff, fun activities and easy to access. English speaking group was not an issue. Absolutely recommend it!

- Sara M

Fantastic place to see if you are true team. Funny intellectual and physic task. They will force your brain and muscles to work 100% On top of that you can expect friendly staff!

- Anna J



Saturday fun
295 SEK pp

(236 SEK ex moms)

Includes 1 round in the games & brief statistics

(available on Saturdays)

Double Up "SF"
445 SEK pp

(356 SEK ex moms)

Includes 2 consecutive rounds of "Just for Fun" & brief statistics

(available on Saturdays)

Personal Touch
431 SEK pp

(345 SEK ex moms)

Includes 1 round in the games, personal introduction, coaching, peptalk &
in depth statistics.
Perfect for corporate events!


Double Up "PT"
619 SEK pp

(495 SEK ex moms)

2 rounds of Personal Touch with coaching between round 1 & 2. Choose to take on round 2 in the same teams or mix it up and try your luck with a new dreamteam! 




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010-30 33 450

Burggrevegatan 15

411 03 Göteborg

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 09.00-21.00 (reservations only)

Saturday: 10.00-20.00 (reservations only)

Sunday: Closed

"The Take Over"

We gladly offer companies exclusive access to Teamtastic. We lock the doors for other groups and guarantee our undivided attention. The perfect start to a night out with the colleagues!

We have capacity for 54 people. Contact us for more info and exact prices.