Activity, dinner and lunch in Gothenburg

Combine our fun activities with a dinner, a meeting or a lunch. You will find us and all our partners in central Gothenburg.

In walking distance from Teamtastic you will find some of Gothenburgs most popular restaurants. A social meal after a round in our fun activity is the perfect end to a memorable coorporate event. Browse between our current dinner and lunch offers and contact us if you would like to know more about any of our packages. 


Work hard, play harder

Business should be mixed with pleasure. We house a brand new meeting room where you can gather your team before or after the game. Discuss serious business or play 'Tic, tac, toe', it's up to you. We provide you with a cool meeting room but you are in charge of the agenda. 

  • Coffee and tea included

  • Pen, notepad, beamer and audio included


E-mail for offer


A Brazilian evening

Start your evening with us at Teamtastic and finish the night with a dinner at Restaurant Brasa! Work as a team in our nine missions guided and cheered on by one of our coaches. One action packed round in the game takes about 90 minutes from arrival to departure, including the thrilling results. After Teamtastic you will take a 2 min walk to Brasa Churrascaria where you will enjoy a Mini-Rodizio which offer both exciting tastes and an exciting environment. Relax and eat while their Passadores treat you at the table with a mix of grilled meat, until you are more than satisfied.​

  • Personal Touch at Teamtastic

  • Mini Rodizio" (variation of grilled meat) with a buffé av side dishes (drinks not included)

  • Available Wednesday-Saturday

698 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes


Hand picked premium menu

Carbon have a really straight forward philosophy. They like what they cook, and cook only what they like. Carbon and chef Jean Henkel only work with the absolute top produce the suppliers has to offer. Expect unique ingredients, focusing on local produce. "We gladly use Wagyu from Japan or mango from Pakistan in august or tomatoes from Tuscany, because some more distant regions produces without competition the best produce".  The perfect balnace between the extravagant components and the simplicity in cooking and presenting them makes Carbon well worth a visit. 

790 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes


Lunch at popular Brasa

Build up an apetite taking on our 9 missions with your team of colleagues! Continue over to Restaurant Brasa, only 2 min away, for a pleasant lunch break and discuss the missions.  A lunch seasoned with action so to say!

  • The offer includes one round of Personal Touch and lunch at Brasa 

  • Activity 11:30 and lunch 13:00

  • Available Monday-Friday

424 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes


Tasting menu in a relaxed environment

Dubbel Dubbel offer modern, social and fun Asian food for everyone; vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers and  everyone in between. Start the night having fun in our competetition and finish the evening at Dubbel Dubbel where you embark on a journey from Gothenburg, out in the world. Dubbel Dubbel is located  just around the corner from us.

624 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes


Good evening, Mr Burgersson

We promise you a good night out: Start your evening at Teamtastic and finish with a hamburger menu at popular Burgersson! You and your team will solve our missions guided and cheered on by one of our coaches. One action packed round in the game takes approximately 90 minutes from arrival to departure. Then you will take a short walk to Burgersson where a nice atmosphere and even nicer burgers awaits you.  

  • Personal Touch at Teamtastic

  • Hamburgers made with organic beef, 3 type of fries & ice cream + coffee (drinks not included)

  • Available Tuesday-Saturday

546 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes


Sharing Christmas @HAK

Make this years Christmas Party something out of the ordinary: Start the evening at us and finish sharing Christmas tapas at HAK Scandic Europe, only a 5 min walk away. Imagine tapas with a modern Nordic twist. Your waiter will serve you various christmas inspired tastings to share around the table. Carefully selected food and drinks is combined with a great amount of humour. A bit like we work here at Teamtastic!

845 SEK

ex VAT/Taxes